project partners

A key ingredient of Forum Nobis’ success and its ability to handle large, significant projects at a low cost is the firm’s network of trusted, cost-effective project partners with whom it has worked in the past and who stand ready to add their expertise, experience, and efforts to a project team as quickly as for as long (but only as long) as the project requires.

Forum Nobis has proven partners available on all elements of its work.  In various counsel arrangements, the firm has worked with leading issue-based legal services organizations as well as private lawyers ranging from specialized solo practitioners to some of the most well-known law firms in the world.  In its consulting work, the firm has established relationships with a variety of legal, environmental, medical, and other experts, service providers for environmental field work and other technical work, experienced investigators and documentation experts, and a variety of management and organizational consultants.  And in its communications practice, the firm works regularly works with specialists in public relations, government relations, corporate shareholder outreach, campaign advocacy, freelance media producers, and many others.