firm principles

The mission of Forum Nobis PLLC is to provide expert advice, zealous advocacy, and strategic counseling on complex issues of international law, human rights, and environmental justice to individuals and communities affected by injustice.  Through its mission, Forum Nobis furthers the public interest by increasing the quality and effectiveness of international legal discourses and adjudicatory processes, leveling historical inequalities in those discourses, and, most critically, helping affected individuals and communities achieve justice for themselves, in meaningful terms and within reasonable time frames.

Expert advice.  Forum Nobis principals and partners have extensive experience with international law, human rights, and environmental issues, including experience representing some of the world’s most powerful corporations and sovereign nations.  At Forum Nobis they put their expertise and experience to work for individuals and communities affected by injustice.  Forum Nobis maintains a network of proven and trusted legal, technical, and communications project partners so that it can rapidly assemble teams to meet client needs for projects of all sizes and requirements.

Zealous advocacy.  Forum Nobis offers clients truly uncompromised advocacy—the same quality of advocacy thatany multinational corporation or one of its executives would expect.  Forum Nobis is loyal first to its clients, not the issues or interests they may themselves represent.  Forum Nobis fulfils its larger public interest mission by zealously and loyally representing its clients, the same way that public defenders in a criminal justice system advance justice by zealously representing each and every client.

Strategic counseling.  Recent decades have seen dramatic changes both in the substance of international law, human rights, and environmental issues, and in the variety of legal, public policy, and public opinion forums in which those issues are discussed, debated, and adjudicated.  The overall mix can be bewildering, making it difficult for affected individuals and communities to understand how these issues and the tools offered by various forums can be used to advance their own struggles for justice.  Forum Nobis offers clients—often individuals and communities struggling with poverty, discrimination, and other adversity—strategic counsel on how to approach these issues and leverage the available tools.