Forum Nobis provides superior legal counsel to individual, organizational, and community-based clients on a variety of complex international law, human rights, and environmental matters.

Although Forum Nobis is a public interest law firm, in any given matter the firm maintains a relentless focus on the interests and objectives of its client, not other funders, social movements, or the “larger” interests of the issues involved.  Larger issues, principles, themes, and questions of strategy matter to the extent they matter to the client.  Forum Nobis provides a degree of loyalty, fierce advocacy, and intimate legal advice typically associated with the best of the private legal bar.

At the same time, Forum Nobis’s expertise with larger public interest law developments allows it to provide a quality of representation unmatched by the private bar.  New developments in the fields of international law, human rights, and environmental justice can provide powerful forces to lift individual cases, if properly understood and utilized.  Forum Nobis’ distinctive voice and ethical stature in these fields empowers the advocacy it can bring to bear for each client.

While Forum Nobis is a small firm, it routinely handles large and controversial matters—including matters that require standing up to the most powerful interests in our society.  It does this by developing innovative, cost-effective approaches tailored to each client’s needs, and by assembling lean teams, when necessary, from the firm’s extensive network of project partners and other proven allies and service providers.  The firm is also available to serve as co-counsel or consulting counsel on larger matters to provide its unique perspective and expertise on particular issues or challenges in a collaborative, cost-effective manner.

Specific types of projects apart from traditional legal representation that Forum Nobis can help with include:

  • legal policy research, report development, and related advocacy;
  • development of amicus curiae briefs on international law, human rights, and environmental justice issues for international proceedings (such as international arbitrations), national court proceedings (including the U.S. Supreme Court), and others;
  • independent or collaborative planning to coordinate amici curiae submissions in significant cases;
  • strategic advice and guidance to individuals or organizations considering potential amici curiae involvement;
  • precautionary measures petitions before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and other human rights institutions;
  • program development for thematic hearings before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and other human rights institutions;
  • development of issue briefs and other submissions to human rights institutions;
  • investigation, documentation, diligence, risk mitigation, litigation support, and a variety of other legal consulting services;
  • public relations materials development, media relations, government/official relations, and a variety of legal communications services.