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Conference on legal remedies for corruption – Oxford, 28 Jun

28 June 2014

The Open Society Justice Initiative & Oxford University’s Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict will host
discussions on how national and international laws are being used to fight corruption.

Discussion will focus on:

  • Where do we stand now?: The state of play in light of significant cases and current litigation efforts globally.
  • Where are we going?: How anti-corruption groups are using existing law to innovatively expand available legal tools. The focus will be on public interest litigation in India, the U.S. False Claims Act and False Claims Bill in Kenya, Africa’s human-rights mechanism & the humanitarian law of pillage, including pillage by companies.
  • How can we push the frontiers?: Legal theories & concepts that may shape the future course of global anticorruption efforts.

Panelists include: Sir Paul Collier, Vuyelwa Kuuya, Liz David-Barret & Arghya Sengupta, Oxford University;
Mutembo Nchito, National Prosecution Authority of Zambia; Adetokunbo Mumuni, Socio-Economic Rights &
Accountability Project (Nigeria); Yevgeniy Zhovtis, BOTA Foundation (Kazakhstan); Abiola Makinwa, Hague
University of Applied Sciences; Wamuti Ndegwa, Ndegwa, Muthama & Katisya Associates (Kenya); Maud
Perdriel-Vaissière, formerly of Association Sherpa (France); Samuel Nguiffo, Center for Environment and
Development (Cameroon); Bénédict De Moerloose, TRIAL (Switzerland).

Register by email: vuyelwa.kuuya (at) politics.ox.ac.uk


28 June 2014