Forum Nobis provides superior legal counsel to individual, organizational, and community-based clients on a variety of complex international law, human rights, and environmental matters.

Although Forum Nobis is a public interest law firm, in any given matter the firm maintains a relentless focus on the interests and objectives of its client, not other funders, social movements, or the “larger” interests of the issues involved.  Larger issues, principles, themes, and questions of strategy matter to the extent they matter to the client.  Forum Nobis provides a degree of loyalty, fierce advocacy, and intimate legal advice typically associated with the best of the private legal bar.

At the same time, Forum Nobis’s expertise with larger public interest law developments allows it to provide a quality of representation unmatched by the private bar.  New developments in the fields of international law, human rights, and environmental justice can provide powerful forces to lift individual cases, if properly understood and utilized.  Forum Nobis’ distinctive voice and ethical stature in these fields empowers the advocacy it can bring to bear for each client. Continue reading