Public opinion is sometimes dismissed by lawyers, but it was considered “the very soul of justice”  by renowned legal philosopher Jeremy Bentham because of its potential to fight corruption at all levels (keeping even “the judge himself, while trying, under trial”) and to drive the real human effort that is necessary to create justice in our time.  UN Special Rapporteur James Anaya recently wrote that “the spotlight of media coverage keeps all stakeholders honest and helps them act in a more responsible and sustainable manner.”  “What keeps me up at night,” Anaya writes, “is when there is no spotlight.”  Bentham and others also recognized that public opinion operates much like a tribunal in that it does not typically investigate truth on its own, but renders judgments based on the evidence (and advocacy) presented to it.  The pressure by society to “enforce” its judgment, once rendered, can be overwhelming even to the most powerful opposing interests.

Forum Nobis’ legal communications practice recognizes the serious and legitimate role that public opinion considerations and strategies can play in a client’s fight for justice and its overall objectives.  The firm recognizes that a fundamentally different mindset, as well as different a different and more diverse set of skills, is often required to effectively address public opinion and communications challenges.  And unlike most firms, Forum Nobis has extensive experience integrating communications strategies seamlessly with its legal advocacy and other forms of representation. Continue reading