issue digests

More focused analyses of particular international law, human rights, and environmental issues from Forum Nobis principals and project parters:  [Forthcoming]

For now, see our description of the “pillar” issues of Forum Nobis below.

free, prior & informed consent

Free, Prior, and Informed Consent (FPIC) has emerged as one of the most important human rights and environmental principles of our time.  It requires that governments, corporations, and other actors, before beginning or continuing natural resource development projects or other … Continue reading 

socioeconomic rights

Socioeconomic rights to water, food, housing, education, health, a healthy environment, and others are enshrined in the Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights and well-established in international human rights law.  Governments (and private organizations providing traditional government services) must … Continue reading 

cultural rights & property

A community’s cultural and intellectual assets and resources are inherited, developed, and passed on from generation to generation.  They often form a fundamental part of that community’s cultural or spiritual identity.  They include plant and human genetic resources; traditional knowledge … Continue reading 

freedom of expression

Freedom of expression, as articulated and protected by countless international instruments, national constitutions, and customary international law, includes the right to free speech and free thought, the right to publicly assemble and demonstrate, the right to petition government directly or … Continue reading